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We are currently not operating due to health issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes, we do catering. Either we make Sushi Platters or bring the "Box Nature" (whole cart) to your location.
Please contact us for details.

    Sushi Platter Large 16" 10 Rolls (50 pieces)
         Sushi Platter Small 12" 7 Rolls (35 pieces)
         Tofu (image) or Green Salad (Spicy/Non Spicy)

                  Edamame for 7~10 guests

                          Sushi Box Combo
Your Choice of Any Two Rolls from Menu, Seaweed Salad,  
        Edamame & Miso Soup

                            Salad Box Combo
                  Green or Tofu Salad (Spicy or Non Spicy),
            Your Choice of Any 1 Roll from Menu & Edamame
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