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We are currently not operating due to health issue.

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Based on over 20 years of both traditional and modern sushi cuisine experience and knowledge, we are excited to share a healthier and safer way to enjoy sushi without compromising taste.

We proudly serve Multi-Grain Sushi Rice along with traditional White Sushi Rice. After several rounds of trial and error, we have perfected the secret to turn Multi-Grain Rice into Sushi Rice.  Now you can enjoy your favorites with a delicious healthy twist!

That's not all, soy sauce as many of you know contains a higher than desired amount of salt so letting your sushi swim in it may not be the wisest thing to do.  We love soy sauce too so what to do?  We decided to just create our own original blend with a more mild flavor which has less salt in it.  We think it goes well with either of our tasty Multi-Grain or White Sushi rice rolls.

If the Multi-Grain Rice and the original blend soy sauce weren't enough for you to try sushi from a truck you should know all of our Seafood is Wild Caught and Sustainable.  
We care about Nature, just like you do, so we use natural ingredients and make mostly everything from scratch.  We also care about you, our customers, so rest assured 
Food Safety is the most important task and responsibility of Box Nature Sushi.

Feel the Nature. Eat even healthier ^^/

-Box Nature Sushi :)
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